• Project Coordinator (Academic Affairs)

    Wayne State College
    Job Description
    Wayne State College is seeking a Project Coordinator in the Academic Affairs Department.

    Come join a fun and productive team as the Project Coordinator in the Academic Affairs Department.
    This position performs a variety of professional and administrative duties in support of the day to day operations of the Academic Affairs department. Assists in program planning and development; interprets, monitors, and analyzes information regarding operating policies and procedures; administers budgets; and coordinates academic and/or staff personnel matters. Resolves problems that have a significant impact on the overall goals of the department. May provide leadership to clerical staff.

    Nature of Work: 
    Performs a variety of professional and administrative duties in support of the day to day operations of a function, program, and/or department – this is not a secretarial position. Assists in program planning and development; interprets, monitors, and analyzes information regarding operating policies and procedures; administers budgets; and coordinates academic and/or staff personnel matters. Resolves problems that have a significant impact on the overall goals of the department.

    Examples of Work Performed: 
    1. Support VPAA department:
    a. Maintain the VPAA’s calendar and schedule meetings
    b. Process signed documents and route them to various offices
    c. Monitor email, answer phone calls, pick-up/distribute mail
    d. Assist guests and VPAA staff
    e. Create onboarding for new hires
    i. Schedule onboarding meetings with administrative staff, direct reports, and other colleagues
    ii. Schedule trainings, initial calendar events related to campus meetings/committees/functions
    iii. Schedule required meetings and initial contract with direct repots.
    f. Provide Daily support and serve as an advisor to provide information for projects, resolve problems, brainstorm ideas and solutions, and provide assistance with scheduling.
    g. Work extensively and collaboratively with member of the VPAA leadership team
    i. Provide advice for inquiries and issues to include budget counseling for all VPAA direct reports, advisement to Deans regarding faculty load and contracts, and solutions regarding System Office and accreditation concerns
    h. Assist VPAA with daily tasks
    i. Provide reports or information/data that is needed for reports
    ii. Monitor calendar and send reminders to faculty and staff of items due
    i. Complete travel requests/expense reimbursements
    j. Create and distribute/communicate academic affairs calendar, spreadsheet for promotion and tenure, general faculty and professional staff meetings, new faculty orientation meetings and beginning of the year meetings
    k. Update files/documents on the g:drvie
    l. Collect syllabi from schools/departments
    m. Assist with the evaluation processes
    n. Set up logistics for various VPAA meetings including campus meetings throughout the academic year
    o. Set up meetings involving constituents from the region for partnerships and various requests.
    p. Perform duties associated with graduation commencement such as verifying faculty marching and platform party seating, creating contract recommendations as necessary
    2. Weekly/Monthly Meetings:
    a. Prepare agendas and documents
    b. Attend and take minutes
    c. Proofread/edit and distribute meeting minutes.
    3. VPAA Budget:
    a. Monitor each budget directly under the VPAA on a monthly basis
    b. Evaluate the budget for outstanding and anticipated expenses that will need paid during the current fiscal year in April/May
    c. Determine the amount that could be allocated for end-of –year spending
    d. In-depth review to ensure overspending does not occur.
    e. Review funds for end-of-year spending to include the VPAA’s direct funds and all the funds from the VPAA’s direct reports
    f. Keep in close communication and consultation with Deans and Director to evaluate remaining fund for end–of- year purchases.
    g. Communicate close with the Budget Director to complete the necessary paperwork for transferring funds
    4. Responsible for fiscal year accreditation costs:
    a. Anticipate accreditation costs for each fiscal year
    b. Provide accurate information to the Budget Director using knowledge of all program/college accrediting bodies
    c. Conduct research to determine annual fees/memberships and cost/travel expense associate with a site visit
    d. Project additional costs of requirements associated with accreditation such as workshops or training
    e. Determine the accreditation budget for the upcoming academic year
    5. Quality Matters Assurance Program:
    a. Research and acquire the necessary knowledge and procedure to supervise program
    b. Provide training and advisement to faculty
    c. Facilitate course registration and monitor faculty’s course completion
    6. Faculty promotion and/or tenure:
    a. Supervise and initiate the development, implementation and maintenance of faculty tracking for promotion and/or tenure.
    b. Create the required application documents/submission folders
    c. Provide electronic access to the applicant and reviewers via Grouper with attention to detail when assigning designated parties to read-only and read-write access
    d. Conduct and oversee the training of the Rank, Promotion and Tenure Committee members, Deans, and candidates
    e. Provide training includes understating of the Nebraska State College System promotion and tenure guidelines and WSC’s electronic submission process
    7. Oversee and Facilitate the assessment reporting for program areas and the General Studies Program
    a. Oversee the edits of the assessment reports
    b. Communicate with the Deans and faculty regarding the Assessment report process
    c. Report collection for the General Studies program
    d. Communicate with the General Studies Committee to review the reports
    e. Define a process with the committee to provide feedback on the reports to Deans and Faculty
    f. Distribute created process and oversee fulfillments of process
    8. Provide administrative leadership, guidance, office function and workflow advise, and mentorship to academic administration offices
    a. Lead monthly meetings to keep academic offices informed of process and functional changes that affect their duties and answer questions
    b. Assist with training new office staff and continually provide leadership and guidance for all campus procedures including questions and updates related to PeopleSoft, Concur, Firefly, EMS, Web Focus, etc.
    c. Provide day-to-day operations counsel to academic office staff in assisting with contract recommendations, faculty loads, course scheduling, advisor assignments, agreements, budget, and accreditation
    9. Standing Committees:
    a. Rank, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (RPTC) for Professional development Funding
    b. Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee to award technology grants
    c. Faculty Senate Committee for Teacher excellence Award nominations/selection and duties associated with commencement
    d. Academic Policies and Graduate Council Committees for proposal review
    10. Contracts and Agreements
    a. Contract development, administrative review, and proofing
    b. Support and facilitate the development, processing, tracking and archiving of academic articulations agreements, internships agreements, partnership agreements with local, state, and regional partners as well as academic shot-term and long-term contracts with consultants/contractors.
    c. Ensure necessary information and proper language is incorporated prior to the document being sent out for approval to the contracted or partnering entity.
    d. Submit approved document to the System Office for the Board Meeting
    e. Use DocuSign for the contracts/agreements and route to those needing to sign.
    f. Distribute signed contracts/agreements to persons involved
    11. Faculty Contract Recommendations
    a. Review contract recommends validating employee information, course information, contract type for budget purposes, and salary based on the appointment type
    b. Coordinate with appropriate offices to provide clarification on courses or explanations on how courses are split or combined
    c. Initial review is completed and gather signatures
    d. Submit to signed contract recommends to Human Resources
    e. Work collaboratively with Human Resources and the Director of Institutional Research to verify load requirements, salary calculations base on SCEA contract guidelines, and credit hour allotment per calendar year for adjuncts
    12. Manage and oversee Campus Surveys:
    a. Surveys include Student Instructional Effectiveness Surveys, Graduate Student Surveys, Indirect Assessment Surveys, and Administrative Surveys.
    b. Initiate and communicate the electronic delivery of surveys
    c. Develop and monitor spreadsheets to determine survey distribution
    d. Arrange the evaluation periods with NATS for delivery of surveys
    e. Access results and reports through the software CourseEval
    f. Perform addition analysis and extraction of data and provide to stakeholders
    13. Assumption of Risk and Release Forms for Academic related student field trips
    a. Supervise process for completing forms
    b. Post to the G;drive/College Bulletin Board a list of students prepared from the form.
    c. Monitor that the required students have completed a form
    d. Provide a detailed spreadsheet to VPAF reporting domestic and international student travel for insurance purposes.
    14. Student Complaint Log
    a. Collect, maintain, and analyze the student complaint log documentation required of the President and VP’s by the Higher Learning Commission as part of the necessary documents needed for an institution’s accreditation review.
    b. Responsible for maintaining the records and providing it for HLC reporting

    Required Qualifications: 
    Associate’s degree or work related experience.

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