• Business After Hours

  • The primary purpose of a Business After Hours event is to promote the host business’s product and/or services. The Chamber encourages any, and all, promotional materials to be displayed at a Business After Hours event. The agenda of a Business After Hours varies, based on the expectations of the host business. Some have an open house atmosphere, while others prefer a more structured agenda including time to present information to the guests and guided tours.

    To schedule a Business After Hours event, contact the Chamber at (308) 382-9210 or Karissa at [email protected].


    Basics of Business After Hours events:

    • The location of the event is determined by the sponsor and the Chamber
    • The time of the event is typically on a Thursday from 4:30– 6:30 p.m.
    • Business After Hours events are free for Chamber members to attend
    • Attendance varies, but the average is 50-100 people
    • Sponsorship fee of $500 (if more than one business is sponsoring, the fee is $300 each)


    The Chamber will:

    • Promote and advertise the event to Chamber members, including an announcement in the "Direction for Business" and "Your Chamber This Week" newsletters, in a free broadcast email, on the Chamber website (www.gichamber.com), and on the Chamber’s social media
    • Create name badges for guests using the host company’s logo
    • Handle all guest registration
    • Provide volunteers to work at the registration table
    • Publish a photo of the event in the next Chamber newsletter and post it on the Chamber’s website and social media
    • Provide a CD, USB drive or digital folder with photos from the event to use in your company and staff promotions

    The sponsor will:

    • Provide the Chamber with their color logo
    • Provide the Chamber with a count of employees attending the event
    • Provide the food and refreshments



  • Upcoming Business After Hours Events


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