• Ribbon Cuttings

  • Ribbon cuttings are held for new Chamber businesses, remodeling and construction projects, new building sites, new product, service line, a change in leadership, or any time a member wants to celebrate something with their business. Ribbon Cuttings can be held at your place of business or in one of the meeting rooms at the Chamber of Commerce office.

    To schedule a ribbon cutting, please contact Abigail at [email protected].

    The Chamber will:

    • Invite the Chamber Connector group to your ribbon cutting
    • Promote your event in the weekly newsletters and social media leading up to your event and in a free broadcast email the week of the event
    • Provide the ribbon and ceremony scissors for the Ribbon Cutting, as well as take photos of the event
    • Publish your ribbon cutting photo in the next Chamber newsletter, on social media and on the Chamber website

    The Business will receive:

    • The opportunity to meet our Chamber Connectors and tell them about your business
    • Free marketing of event on Chamber's social platforms
    • Photos from the event


  • Upcoming Ribbon Cutting Events

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