• Communications

  • Broadcast Emails

    A quick and easy way to reach the Chamber's partners with updates regarding your business, products, services or events. As a Chamber member, you have the exclusive opportunity to send promotional material via a broadcast email (e-blast) to over 2,300 business professionals. An e-blast costs $150 per e-blast for Chamber partners.


    To schedule an e-blast:

    Contact the Chamber at (308) 382-9210 or email Karissa at [email protected]. When contacting, have a time frame in mind, and we will check for available slots. In order to ensure quality and timeliness, e-blast content must be provided 24 hours before your email is scheduled to run.


    The Chamber will review all e-blasts sent out to members and has the right to refuse any copy or content deemed inappropriate. The Chamber has the right to control when e-blasts are scheduled. E-blasts are a marketing tool with a member rate. The rate will be reviewed annually.‚Äč



  • Member Mailing List

    Chamber partners have the opportunity to purchase an electronic or printed listing of all the member info we have in our database. This benefit is $150 each time purchase. 

    To schedule an e-blast:

    Contact the Chamber at (308) 382-9210.