• Communications

  • Broadcast Emails

    A quick and easy way to reach the Chamber's partners with updates regarding your business, products, services or events. As a Chamber member, you have the exclusive opportunity to send promotional material via a broadcast email (e-blast) to over 2,000 business professionals. An e-blast costs $150 per e-blast for Chamber partners.

    To schedule an e-blast:

    Contact the Chamber at (308) 646-0795 or email at arichling@gichamber.com. When contacting, have a time frame in mind, and we will check for available slots. In order to ensure quality and timeliness, e-blast content must be provided 24 hours before your email is scheduled to run.

    The Chamber will review all e-blasts sent out to members and has the right to refuse any copy or content deemed inappropriate. The Chamber has the right to control when e-blasts are scheduled. E-blasts are a marketing tool with a member rate. The rate will be reviewed annually.

    Email Specifications:

    To ensure the best performance of the email, it is recommended for content width to be between 600 and 1200 pixels wide. The length is not limited; however, most email servers cut off the content at around 1700 pixels. Files should be no larger than 5 MB. PNGs or JPGs are preferred, PDFs are also accepted.

    The Chamber utilizes the email service provider Constant Contact for partner news. Click here to view Constant Contact's instructions for how to best format your email content. If you have additional questions, please contact the Chamber.