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  • As a young person who grew up in Grand Island and returned after college, I see an immense need for promoting ourselves to young people – near and far looking for career and otherwise personal or professional opportunities.
    Whether considering relocation for a job or maybe following a spouse, Grand Island has rich quality of living that is not talked about near enough. Well-paying jobs, great parks and recreational activities, strong education systems, ethnically diverse foods, shops and people, and the ability to become involved in whatever it is that you’re passionate about.
    I often hear from my Young Professionals, ‘I had no idea Grand Island had so much to offer’ and ‘I was only expecting to live here for a year or two.’ Soon after they settle in and meet others, however, they are hooked on the comfortable pace of life on the ‘Island’.
    Sometimes I hear young people say, ‘there’s nothing to do in Grand Island.’
  • Sure, if you enjoy doing nothing – you can absolutely do that here. Or you can attend outdoor concerts at Railside all summer long and take in the sights and sounds at the Nebraska State Fair. You can go kayaking on the Platte River or fishing at a local pond. You can take a dance class or learn to cook with local chefs. History buffs can go visit Stuhr Museum and apply what they know to conversations with Hall County Historical Society.
    Musicians can play at local restaurants or join the Hall County Concert Association. Actors can get involved in Grand Island Little Theatre productions and spectators can attend the productions! Horse races and the escape room, axe throwing, bowling, civic groups, volunteer events, mentoring, tutoring, church groups, non-church groups - we have it all. But if your specific interest is not yet available in Grand Island, a group of like-minded individuals with passion and drive can make any dream a reality.
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  • If you are seeking new adventure, you can hop in the car and take a day trip across the state to visit state and national parks or you can book a last-minute flight from Grand Island Regional Airport and enjoy the ease of a smaller airport with unbeatable convenience. But you will always be able to come home to Grand Island – a community where everyone comes together to help neighbors and their community when in need.
    Recently a Young Professional of ours moved here from Colorado, on a whim, and has since fallen in love with all that Grand Island has to offer her and her husband. She didn’t realize how sincerely Nebraskans exhibit hospitality until moving here. The friendly faces, opportunities to take on leadership roles, young people involved in city government – the many things you don’t find in larger metro areas.
    We are proud of the experiences and development opportunities for young people we have in Grand Island. In an effort to stabilize and structure our workforce for the future, I have a personal passion to seek out and enlighten young talent on all that our community has to offer.
    The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce continues to keep workforce development top of mind; highlighting the need to retain and attract our young people.
    Sometimes this looks like collecting resumes at college career fairs and distributing them to employers in the area. Other times it looks like hosting downtown tours for local high school students to showcase the wide variety of service and industry in our community. All the time, it looks like a smile and a helping hand, showing them that Grand Island values our young people and will make every effort to keep them here.
    Why Grand Island? Why not Grand Island? You have everything to gain when you join us here on the Island.

    Can you picture yourself here?